Best Virtual Reality Workout Apps

If you’re looking for a fun and engaging way to work out, virtual reality (VR) fitness apps might be just what you need. Here are top picks for the best VR fitness apps:

1. FitXR App :

FitXR is a VR fitness app that offers a unique way to combine virtual reality and fitness, according to multiple reviews. This app is an excellent blend of both activities . The app requires the use of an Oculus Quest VR headset and costs $10 per month . Overall, FitXR has received positive reviews and is listed as one of the best Oculus Quest 2 games, with a rating of 4 out of 5.

FitXR is a virtual reality fitness app that offers a wide range of benefits to its users. According to the FitXR website, the app offers a variety of features such as friendly and experienced trainers, music collections featuring artists you love, hundreds of on-demand classes, and a wide variety of studios, with new classes added each week.

FitXR is the best mix of video gaming and working out, offering a unique blend of gamification with boxing, dance, and HIIT movements . Additionally, the app is available on the Google Play Store and offers professionally choreographed workouts hosted by world-class trainers and set in energizing locations.

Overall, the benefits of the FitXR app include access to a wide variety of workouts, experienced trainers, and unique environments, as well as the ability to try new classes every day. The app also offers multiplayer with voice chat, allowing users to work out with friends in a virtual environment.

2. Beat Saber:

Beat Saber is a popular virtual reality game that has received positive reviews from various sources. The game is available on multiple platforms including Oculus Quest, Quest 2, PC VR, and PSVR.

Beat Saber is a game that quickly immerses players in the VR experience. Making it an excellent choice to show to friends who have never tried VR before. This review also praises the game’s music and the satisfaction of slicing through the virtual blocks with the game’s unique “lightsaber-like” controllers.

This review also praises the game’s immersive rhythm experience and handcrafted levels, as well as the futuristic world surrounding the players. The game also features a filter option to sort reviews by the user’s playtime, allowing players to easily see feedback from those who have played for over 1 hour, over 10 hours, or over 100 hours.

Overall, Beat Saber is a well-reviewed VR game that offers an immersive and satisfying experience, featuring handcrafted levels, unique controls, and a futuristic world. The game’s availability on multiple platforms makes it accessible to a wide audience, and it has received praise for its music and gameplay.


Some potential benefits of playing Beat Saber may include:

  1. Physical activity: Beat Saber requires players to use their whole body to slash beats with their virtual sabers. Which can provide a fun and engaging form of exercise .
  2. Immersive experience: Players can enjoy a futuristic world and handcrafted levels that sync with the beat of the music.
  3. Variety of music options: Players can enjoy music from popular artists, as well as custom tracks created by other players.

It’s worth noting that the benefits of playing Beat Saber may vary depending on the individual player and their specific experience with the game.

3. Supernatural:

Supernatural is a VR fitness app designed for use with Oculus VR headsets. It offers users a subscription service for $19.99 per month. It includes workout routines set to high-energy music, led by virtual trainers in scenic locations. The workouts in Supernatural are challenging, effective, and can be modified to suit different fitness levels. Although the subscription price is almost double that of FitXR, the benefits of Supernatural justify the extra cost. Supernatural offers an immersive workout experience that can help users burn calories, build strength, and reduce stress.

4. BoxVR:

BoxVR is a rhythm-based fitness game that utilizes virtual reality (VR) technology to encourage exercise through dance beats and shadow boxing. The game challenges players to simulate boxing techniques in time with music and on-screen prompts for full exercise routines.

BoxVR is a great game for a leg day workout since it mixes squatting with fitness boxing. The game combines squats with punch combos. Making for an intense lower body workout that will leave you sweating and breathing hard. However, it is also possible to focus solely on upper-body workouts and avoid legs altogether.

This review also highlights the wide range of workout lengths and intensities offered by BoxVR, with routines ranging from 2 minutes to over 60 minutes. I gave BoxVR a perfect score of 5/5, praising its ability to get players sweating and breathing hard in a short amount of time, as well as its incorporation of leg exercises via squats and leans.

Overall, BoxVR is a highly recommended fitness game. That provides a fun and engaging way to exercise while using VR technology. Its benefits include an intense workout. That targets both upper and lower body muscles, a wide range of workout options, and the convenience of being able to exercise at home.

Virtual Reality

5. Creed: Rise to Glory:

Creed: Rise to Glory is a virtual reality boxing simulator game. That is available on PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive. Players train in the gym and fight their way up the boxing ranks to become a champion. In the game, players can play as Creed, coached by Rocky Balboa, a rare opportunity in video games. However, the game’s performance on the Quest platform has been criticized as being inconsistent.

Regarding benefits, virtual reality games like Creed: Rise to Glory provide a unique and immersive experience for players. The game allows players to experience the thrill of boxing in a safe and controlled environment. It also provides an opportunity to exercise and improve hand-eye coordination while having fun. However, as with any physical activity, players should consult with a doctor before engaging in gameplay.

6. Synth Riders:

Synth Riders is a virtual reality rhythm game that incorporates fitness elements. The game has been reviewed positively for its gameplay and graphics. With some reviewers stating that it is better than Beat Saber. Players use their entire body to play the game, which has both freestyle dance and boxing elements. In the game, players touch colored orbs that fly towards them in time to the music.

In terms of benefits, Synth Riders provides players with a fun and engaging way to exercise. The game requires players to move their bodies to the rhythm of the music, providing a cardio workout. The game’s multiplayer aspect also provides near unlimited replayability as long as the player base stays constant. Like with any physical activity, players should consult with a doctor before engaging in gameplay.

7. OhShape:

OhShape is a virtual reality game that combines the fun of rhythm games with fitness elements. As noted by reviewers, the game is a good choice for people who want to engage in exercise. While having fun at the same time.

According to reviews, OhShape can be a good option for people who enjoy competing with themselves in workouts. While the game does have a global leaderboard, reviewers suggest that the real focus is on improving your own performance. Additionally, the game can help users break a sweat and provide a full-body workout.

To get the most out of the game. It is recommended that users ensure they have enough space to move around freely. It is also important to clear out any clutter or potential hazards in the play area. OhShape can be enjoyed without a tether and is best played in a space with ample room to move around.

Overall, OhShape is a fun and engaging virtual reality game that can provide a good workout. While there is a competitive aspect to the game, the focus must be on self-improvement and having fun. If you enjoy rhythm games and want to incorporate more physical activity into your routine. OhShape could be a great choice.

8. Holofit:

Holofit is a virtual reality-based fitness app that allows users to connect compatible stationary exercise equipment. Such as rowing machines, bikes, and ellipticals, to a VR headset. The app offers two products: Holofit Pro, which is compatible with PC VR headsets, and Holofit Go, a standalone version that works with Oculus Quest, HTC Vive Focus, and Samsung Gear VR. Holofit is a subscription-based service that costs $9.99 per month or $108 yearly.

Unlike other VR fitness apps that turn games like Beat Saber into exercise programs. Holofit aims to make stationary exercise equipment less boring. The app does this by offering immersive virtual reality environments to keep users motivated during their workouts.

Holofit is also compatible with Oculus Quest controllers, making it accessible to all Oculus users. Additionally, the app takes advantage of the tech capabilities of the Quest 2 to offer improved graphics, anti-aliasing, 72 fps, and 90Hz refresh rate.

In summary, Holofit is a subscription-based virtual reality fitness app that offers immersive environments to keep users motivated during their workouts. It is compatible with compatible stationary exercise equipment and VR headsets, including Oculus Quest, and takes advantage of the tech capabilities of the Quest 2 to offer improved graphics and performance.

9. VZfit:

VZfit is a VR exercise app that allows users to transform their indoor bike into a virtual reality fitness machine. There are two programs in this app, VZFit Play and VZFit Explorer, monthly subscription $9.99 or annual $99.99 . The app uses a sensor installed on the bike and paired to a VR headset to immerse users in scenic virtual reality environments.

However, the Washington Post published a review of the VZfit app that criticized it for “overwhelming the senses in all the wrong ways.” The review found that the app’s 3D vistas of scenic streets and byways were poorly stitched together and could be disorienting and overwhelming for users.

Overall, while VZfit offers an innovative way to make indoor cycling more engaging. Users should be aware of the limitations of the app and the potential for disorienting experiences. It may be helpful to read in-depth reviews of the app and the hardware before making a purchase decision.

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Overall, these VR fitness apps offer fun, engaging ways to work out and stay active. Whether you’re into boxing, rhythm games, or immersive virtual reality environments. There’s a VR fitness app out there that’s right for you.

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